Our Future is All About Robots

In the last of our series about working with robots we are going to have a look ten to twenty years into the future to see what changes robots, technology and my life might have undergone.

This is what I hope that my future will look like. It’s how I dream my future might look, and how something I call gLoop will tie it all together. More about gLoop.

A Robotic Future

We will have a robot in our home. It will hover, at eye height, so I can talk to it and it can respond where I can see it. It will feel friendly, but not be a humanoid. I’d like it to be sparkly, and for the internal light and colour to change dependent on how I feel. It will interact with me, but will not necessarily speak – not all the time anyway, when I want company it will, but it won’t when I don’t. It will have enough presence to be able to bring me objects. It will be present when I need it, a thought call will bring it to me. More about Max.

I don’t think I would want my robot to come with me, outside the home, I can’t see a big need for that, I am pretty independent and enjoy my own solitude. Perhaps it might be useful if I needed it, for it to come with me, hovering behind, or beside me when I am outside.

It will be the chief helpful system in my home, but my home will be so much more. The hover-bot would be the chief coordinator of my environment. More about how we live our lives now. More about how our dreams define our future.

Let Me Give You a Tour of a Robotic Life

When I wake up in the morning, Max will appear in my bedroom and having checked my diary, will suggest something to wear that my wardrobe robots will be able to select for me. My wardrobe will display a vision of me in the creation suggested. They will also be able to embellish my outfits, quickly adding on a little something to spruce up the jumper that I am getting a little bored of. Once I have chosen, I will leave the wardrobe bots to their work, and progress to the bathroom. More about my smart wardrobe.

The bathroom will be like one of those ‘super-toilets’ that appeared on UK high streets in the early 1990s – it will be washed and dried after each use in order to keep it spotlessly clean.

Bathing will be much as it is now – although, I will have a small grooming system to deal with personal grooming – hair, hard skin removal etc. Teeth cleaning is going to be so much better with my mouth bots – small round brushes, that you will put in your mouth covered in minty gel. They will oscillate around your mouth, between your teeth, over gums and tongue cleaning as they go, leaving you all over minty fresh and so much cleaner than using a conventional toothbrush. You’ll spit them into the sink when you’re finished with them, they will clean themselves and head back to their storage box on their own.

Max will blow me dry after my shower, leaving me warm and dry ready to head back to the bedroom to get ready for the day.

My clothes will be ready at the front of my wardrobe, for me to put on.

Dressed, I head through to the kitchen where I will make breakfast. I like to drink tea in the morning, but it has to be really strong that is left for a while with the tea leaves in it. Max will have made this for me while I was in the shower, and it will be brewed to perfection. The water for my husband’s coffee will be cooling ready for him to begin his ritual of engineering the perfect cup…without robot help! More about machine learning systems.